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General Design Questions

No, it is not a project aggregator. Tulofai is the first Made in Italy design brand dedicated exclusively to the world of 3D printing
All the objects in the catalog are created exclusively by our team of professional designers and are original and exclusive projects.
All the objects in the catalog are produced with hobby / home level 3D printers in basic configuration. The images are not retouched, what is presented is the level of production quality that can be achieved with standard equipment and without post-production.
Technically, you get hold of the project in the form of one or more .stl files

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Technical and production aspects

Need an entry-level filament 3D printer, such as Creality Ender 3, Longer lk4, Anycubic Mega, with standard 20x20cm print area and 25cm print height
Absolutely not ! All our projects are created to be printed with extreme ease, without special attention and without the need for supports or other precautions. Download, print, enjoy!
Nothing, the assembly takes place entirely by interlocking.
They are all standard items that can be found in any home improvement store or online stores such as Amazon or Aliexpress.
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Legal and bureaucratic aspects

No, all files are for strictly personal use and cannot be transferred to third parties, not even free of charge
No, unless you purchase a commercial license, you cannot resell the prints (even if you only charge for time and material)
Yes, you can give your prints as a gift as long as you stay in a non-commercial setting (you can give some items to friends and relatives but for example you can't produce 300 prints and use them as Christmas gifts for your company's customers)
How many do you want, always taking into account that they must be for strictly personal use. For example, if you buy a lamp and want to produce a pair you can do it, you can even make ten and furnish your entire home. If it breaks, gets lost, a piece wears out, you can print it again. These are just some of the advantages you have over a traditional distribution method where you simply purchase ONE physical copy of an item and not the item as such.
All the revisions of the project, to improve aesthetic aspects of performance or production, are available free of charge for those who have already purchased the object. Are we redesigning the “Forza Salvia” remote control holder to make it a better overall object? You don't need to buy anything back, the new version will be available to all previous buyers of the item.

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